Counter Attack Jump[edit | edit source]

discovered by vipeazone

By Perfect Evading, you can counter attack and launch yourself and the enemy into the air, you can continue your high jump from this spot.


NieR- Automata DEMO - High Jump with Enemy (New Technique)

High Jump[edit | edit source]

discovered by vipeazone


『NieR-Automata Demo』High Jump tutorial

Long Jump[edit | edit source]

discovered by AKheon

Guide by vipeazone


NieR- Automata - Long Jump Tutorial

3-triangle High Jump[edit | edit source]

discovered by ClaireEvenstar


NieR-Automata - 3-triangle height

2B Small Sword Damage Glitch[edit | edit source]

With Small Sword in the Heavy slot, 2B can perform an R2 + Heavy for a very high damage multiplier.


Nier- Automata Damage Glitch Combo Breakdown

2B Small Sword Double Damage Glitch[edit | edit source]

discovered by Kasserne

Assign a Small Sword in the Heavy slot on both weapon sets.

After performing the first damage glitch, swap weapon sets and perform another. You will have two swords applying damage at the same time.


ニーアオートマタ 「DDG」

Tutorial video[edit | edit source]


NieR- Automata Double Damage Exploit Tutorial

Double lift techniques[edit | edit source]

Double lift can be used to gain more height. It is necessary for some skips.


NieR Automata Double lift tutorial

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